Friday, April 10, 2009


... all of us are free, we are enslaved.

...all of us are fed, we are hungry.

.... all of us are housed, we are homeless.

... all of us are shod, we are barefoot.

... all of us are free to follow our love, we are alone.

from here, via FFFFOUND!

I went to a Passover Seder at the home of my BFF the other night. Though I'm not Jewish, she always includes me in a Seder. Passover has come to be one of my favorite holidays for its emphasis on freedom from bondage, inclusion of everyone who needs a place to go on Passover, and learning from history.

Each year, I get something different from listening to the Haggadah, the ceremonial re-telling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt. This year, the fortunate confluence of Passover with the legalization of gay marriage in Vermont and Iowa led me to reflect on how the value of my impending marriage is lessened, until this right is available to everyone.

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