Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scheming about color

Ok, I love color. I've been known to wear a lot of black in the winter, and/or when living on the east coast, and/or when I'm depressed. Fortunately, none of those things are happening right now. I usually have some red or blue or green or purple or even orange in just about every outfit.

But the question of a color scheme for the wedding has been stressing me out. My brother and super-stylish sister-in-law had a spectacular wedding without dictating a color scheme. All the family members showed up in shades of pink/ red/ grey, just through intuition, and looked amazing.

How to pick a few colors? How to dictate what others wear? I know the photos will look better if we put a little thought into this... but really? A color scheme???

Then I saw these the other day at Brooklyn Bride. They're bold, hip, sophisticated, not pastel. They do give a unified feeling to the proceedings. Maybe we can develop a color scheme. Cobalt, pomegranate, persimmon... these colors speak to me.... Maybe Chrissy over at the Perfect Palette can help me convert these musings into concrete ideas.


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Wow, they are both great..., evoke different moods. Which one are you going with?

Jennifer said...

I really love the top one - yellow is such a fun and happy color, but the cobalt, pomegranate, and persimmon palette sounds so interesting! I'd love to see that color scheme at a wedding!