Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hat Attack

Or should I say, Envy Attack.

I just saw this lovely

at Elizabeth Dye, after following the link over from East Side Bride, who hinted she might be making a big, fluffy shrug, like this

which is my latest object of devotion. I'm desperately craving a big fluffy shrug to warm my shoulders against the cold ocean breeze.

Ok, envy, greed, sloth (blogging instead of working), even worshipping false idols (hats, shrugs), all in one post... this wedding is not bringing out my finest qualities.

Perhaps I should've given up something for Lent, or rid my house of leavening and bread for Passover. Spring is definitely a time for re-committing to the righteous path.


Bethany @ Budget Bride said...

I'm feeling envious of this hat and shrug combo as well, and I'm already married. It never ends!

un-bride said...

"not bringing out ... finest qualities" indeed. I know the words to that song.