Monday, April 20, 2009

Guestbook to Save the Planet: Vintage All the Way

Further uses for vintage post cards...

Like Perfect Bound, we will use them for our guest book

After writing messages to the future, guests can drop their cards in a vintage toy mailbox, from ebay.

Or a full-size vintage mailbox, which can later grace our house.

I think we can use one of these as a card box, too.


un-bride said...

Ooh - I like that!

ps: I heard a bit of good advice from a recent bride about the card box: assign a sober person to be in charge of it. So none of your envelopes walk away.

A.Mountain.Bride said...

omg i love that idea. vintage postcards are such treasures and now yours will be even MORE special.

love that second mailbox lots too.

elizabeth said...

ah, yes, a sober person... hmmm... maybe we just get someone to put the gifts/ cards in a car before the dancing starts.

the toy mailbox ended up being smaller than I expected, so it may not work as a card box after all :(

(that reminds me of the joke about why women are bad at judging distances...
because we are so often told told that _____________
is six inches ;P)

Anonymous said...


I am currently planning a wedding and have been scouring the internet for a mailbox like the second picture you have posted (the white one!). How and where did you find yours?