Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dog bloggers?

It just dawned on me that most of the blogs I read refer to furry feline companions, if they mention beings of the non-human-kind at all. They have gratuitous cat posts, and show cat pictures when nothing else is going on. I've never really understood cat blogging. Did it start with LOLCats?

What does this preponderance (from an admittedly very small sample size) of cat people in the blogosphere suggest? Are all the dog people out running in the park with their golden retrievers, rather than sitting in front of their computers? Are cat people more likely to be homebodies, proximate to the the conditions for blogging? Are they more likely to be literate, and thus inclined to blogging? Are dog people less introspective, or less interested in sharing their thoughts with the world?

And what does this have to do with my lost blogging mojo? Have I lost the Muse because I'm a dog person who is actually temperamentally unsuited to blogging? Or because I'm a dog person minus a dog (slowly wearing down Eric on this front...)? Or am I secretly a cat person whose yet to get in touch with my feline self? (Not likely, that one.)

If/ when we do get a dog, I can promise plenty of gratuitous dog posts showing just how cute the little moppet is. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with my favorite tell-in-mixed company joke:
Why was the dyslexic, agnostic insomniac up all night?

Wondering if there is a Dog.

(Thanks for reading, if you're still around. I suspect the return of my blogging mojo will coincide with the end of the semester. Just one more week!))

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smart (& cheap!) wedding venue

I used to work in this university building with its gorgeous travertine facade. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is in desperate need of seismic retrofitting, since it was built long ago.

(I still miss the large windows and sunny balcony of my former office almost every day.)

Each day, I'd walk past this ginkgo tree, ridiculously colorful with a showy golden display in autumn. (I miss the tree, too. These days, my walk to work has lots more panhandlers, and many fewer trees.)
Although I attended a wonderful graduation celebration on these steps, it never dawned on me that other celebrations could take place there, too.
Some friends will marry there in May, with a small number of family members in attendance, for only the cost of liability insurance. Genius!

A university campus could be just the ticket for a scenic, intimate outdoor wedding. (Why didn't we think of this??!?!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Your wedding dress on Gilt

Filed in If We Did It Again: I'd totally be stalking Gilt* for a cut-price, re-wearable, luscious silk designer gown.

Though I love, love, loved my dress, it is purely polyester organza, not amenable to dying, re-shaping, or re-wearing. The magic is all in the architecture and cut, not so much the fabric.

But these....

All for far less than a designer gown in a bridal salon, and eminently re-wearable.

Lucky size 4, this one's calling you!

Shimmering silk! Designer elegance! And the beading!

Spectacular Reem Acra

How cool would it be to through a fancy party on your tenth (or first!) anniversary and pull out one of these classically cool gowns. Yeah. That's style.

*Awesome designer fashions on sale, by invitation only. Email me if you need an invitation, and I'll set you up. I've gotten killer deals on a couple super cute summer dresses.