Thursday, April 2, 2009

Does your life have an Emcee?

Maybe your life is more grand and organized than mine.

Maybe your butler announces your arrival at home.

Maybe you are proceeded wherever you go by a man with a microphone announcing "And now, let's welcome Lacey as she sits down prepare a report!"

But for me, such drama seems a little over-the-top.

So why would I want an emcee announcing my every move at the wedding???

I want my wedding to be a fancy, wow-she-cleans-up-really-well verison of my regular life, which decidedly does not include a butler or an announcer.

As you might have guessed, we are in the considering-musical-options stage. Our first idea was to have a friend's band play - how fun! how local! how keeping-it-in-the-family! We didn't know if we could afford them, but the point turned out to be moot: they'll be touring the East Coast in Oct. (So be on the look out for Poor Man's Whiskey if you're out east, or anywhere else, for that matter. We recently saw them at the Great American Music Hall in SF, and they were a BLAST!)

Ok, on to DJ options. Mr. Barefoot did some web research, consulted Here Comes the Guide, and presented a list for my consideration. I found several of them too cheezy to consider further - what is all this talk of emcees stage-managing every moment of the event? One wanted us to fill out a minute-by-minute chart of where the guests would be and what they'd be doing, so that the DJ could "keep them moving" on to the next part of the event.

I know that day-of schedules are the sort of thing that bridal mags and The Knot et al advise you to do, but we're much more ah... organic (some would say chronologically-challenged) than that. I don't prepare a minute-by-minute schedule for a cocktail or dinner party, so why would I make one for my wedding? (Maybe I should. If I'm over-looking something on this account, I'd be grateful if you'd advise me.)

Refusing companies that required detailed schedules, or gave any indication that they might play the dreaded Chicken Dance, or even hinted that they might announce a garter removal or bouquet toss, narrowed down our options considerably: to 2.

If anyone out there has a good line on a non-cheezy DJ or a cool affordable band in the Bay Area, do be so kind as to let me know.


un-bride said...

Hmmm ... I know a band or 2 up there. I'll enquire for you.

Eco Yogini said...

wow, totally thinking the same! I also don't want an emcee, or toasts, or speeches. We just want a sit down, nice gathering. But then we will only be having max 50 people. So it will feel more intimate.

Having sung at weddings a few times, I really don't want the usual pop songs. We were thinking a cool, unplugged jazz band- since we both really like jazz. A stand up bass, fun guitar and some drums. No singer. Now we just have to find that band. but, since we were also thinking of a 'no dance' reception, really the band will be extra.

all this and really I wasn't very much help for you! :S

a mindful bride said...

We are going with a three-piece band that is very affordable and that we found playing as a duo at a random bar on my sweetie's last birthday. We didn't even consider any other options once we found out they were available and affordable. As far as the schedule--I think its most important if you have a lot of traditions you want to include, to make sure you don't run out of time for everything (or forget). When talking to our DOC, she basically recommended, based on the organic feel we are going for at our reception, that things are scheduled based on the flow--we have our first dance to signal that everyone should get out and dance and cut the cake to say, hey, dessert buffet is open. Best of luck!! said...

This might come off as a shameful plug but our site has a really great dj, and if you are doing an off day he might be available and reasonable. Couldn't hurt to e-mail him.

elizabeth said...

Done and done.
Thanks for the tips and advice, everyone.
Esp. Un-bride!!!
I saw East Side Bride's rave about The Flash Dance, but didn't pursue it since they're down in LA... But maybe, let's see...