Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another way to gain perspective

Meg at a Practical Wedding is have been providing genius savvy and sane advice for maintaining pure vision in the face of the Wedding Industrial Complex.

I found another antidote the other night.

I stumbled on this show, Platinum Weddings. Ever curious about how the other half lives (make that the other 1%), I watched. And realized that I really have no interest in five-foot-tall floral arrangements with blooms flown in from Brazil and Australia, or a wedding on a golf course, or acres of ivory draping on the walls.

Nope. Just not me. phew.

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AmyJean said...

The one thing i ever got from Platinum weddings (since mostly its just "oh i definitely do not want to do that") is the live event artist. I even found one shortly after... for a REASONABLE price who will come to our wedding and paint our ceremony AT our ceremony. Part of my splurge area... photography, video, and memorializing the event :)