Friday, April 24, 2009

Thanks, Jen Elisebeth!

I am so excited to have WON something!!!

Jen Elisebeth generously offered up this book, which she had used to plan her wedding, and I was the lucky winner! Ya-hoooo!

The book arrived in the mail last week - I'm a bit late posting on this, what with Passover, and Easter, and Tax Day all following in quick succession - but I definitely want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jen Elisebeth for passing on this great resource and sharing the love.

As I told her in an email, we're just about to ask a couple friends to officiate. Actually, we've been meaning to do this for weeks, and it keeps getting postponed. I think it's a little anxiety-provoking, really. It's asking a lot of someone. I'm sure that having a book to guide us through the process of planning our ceremony will make the friends/ officiants much more comfortable. Hopefully, we'll get them squared away soon.

Jen Elisebeth offered the book with the caveat that who ever won it would have to host their own giveaway after they were finished with it. So if you're still reading in six months, stay tuned for a great giveaway! :)


A.Mountain.Bride said...

oh I hope you leave details about asking your friends to officiate. This is something that I would really love to do but My Guy thinks it's asking too much. I hate the idea of getting married by a stranger...

I need to help him understand.

sommer said...


jenelisebeth said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got it! Congrats and happy planning.

un-bride said...

That's so cool! Congrats!

(non-word: neompou. The most obscure modern art on view at the Pompadieu Centre in Paris?)