Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Tranquil Setting

via SMP, by Elizabeth Messina

This is exactly where I want to get married. We've got the beach.*

We weren't planning to do much in terms of decoration on the beach: maybe a few chairs for folks who can't stand very long, maybe a few rugs or blankets for people who want to sit in the sand.

I think flags like these would be perfect for identifying the spot where people should gather.**

*Wikipedia warns "There is a risk of shark attack, however."

**(with their shark repellent, of course.)


Amanda said...

We're getting married on the beach next month and have been contemplating ceremony decor lately. Never thought of the beach blanket option. It's genius!

I'm totally stealing this.

Anonymous said...

ooo.... that makes me feel like a vacay. That will be beautiful. I'm digging the beach blanket idea too. Is your wedding going to be chill or semi formal or ..?

A.Mountain.Bride said...

I have to pipe in: those flags would be a beautiful touch! They would look so pretty waving in the wind too...

east side bride said...

hooray for wedding flags!!!

elizabeth said...

I'm so excited about wedding flags. Hopefully, it will be breezy enough to make them fly, but not so breezy as to ruin everyone's hair.

@ya: we've dubbed the wedding style 'barefoot formal' :)

barefoot for the beach ceremony, semi-formal dresses/ suits for the swanky reception.

Brite Lines said...

I've been to a wedding on Rodeo beach - the ceremony was all the way at the south end near the rocks. It was amazing, casual, moving and very special. Just a tip - check the tide charts and make sure you're not going to be saying I do knee deep in water. (Unless that's what you're going for!)