Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I Didn't Know I Needed #2

We haven't made a gift registry yet. We haven't even thought about it (much). Though we've both been living on our own for a long time, we've both been students much of that time. When we moved in together, we discovered that we had duplicates of lots of things - but that a lot of those things were pretty crappy. And then there are major gaps: dining room table, anyone?

I imagine our registry will be pretty eclectic, aimed at filling in gaps and upgrading (cookware, especially) to things that will last a lifetime. (wow. I don't think I've ever typed or said that phrase before!)

Here are some current contenders, awesome gadgets that I didn't even know existed until recently.

Apparently, a mandoline makes the slicing of veggies, and therefore food prep, infinitely quicker.

I love, love, love seltzer water, or spark, as the Flower Boy calls it. But I hate, hate, hate the waste generated by oodles of plastic bottles, so I rarely buy it. I mainly drink it overseas, where you can get it in reuseable glass bottles. But if we had a seltzer water maker, I could drink bubbly to my heart's content.


a mindful bride said...

I can't remember if we've registered for a sparkly water thing yet or not. But we are definitely going to. Aren't they awesome!!

A.Mountain.Bride said...

this is a topic that i am secretly ELATED a student, marrying a student, our stuff is total shit. but talking registry stuff kind of makes me feel bad - like I'm being selfish or something.

let me just say, that i really can't wait to own a KitchenAid stand up mixer - the kitchen. would rock.

elizabeth said...

Oh yeah! The Kitchen Aid mixer is absolutely at the TOP of my list! :) This is indeed the moment I've been waiting for.

I know what you mean: I don't want to seem greedy or selfish. On the other hand, our stuff can definitely use a major upgrade. And traditionally, family & friends helped a couple get started. It's just that now we're often a bit older. It's a fine balance with the registry thing.

sera said...

But does the sodastream actually work? I'm very excited by the concept of no bottle waste and no co2 cartridges, but is it any good?

We haven't registered yet either. Kinda feeling weird about it because we have most stuff and my man isn't interested in it at all. One friend says to register for a honeymoon, which seems practical, so we'll be doing that, but every recent bride I know has said that you have to register or you get stuff you don't want that you can't return. grr.

elizabeth said...

@sera: my best friend has one of these sparkling water makers, and swears by it. i don't know if it's this brand, or another. i'll have to find out before registering.

yeah, i think registering pre-empts the stuff that you don't want and can't return. people want to give gifts that are wanted and useful.