Friday, April 3, 2009

Darling dresses

from Saks

Totally perfect! But at $320, perhaps a little steep for some of my gals.

I'm beginning to have a vision of the Wedding Crew. We've decided to involve a bunch of people, in various roles. I think we'd all look a bit more organized and coordinated if we had similar dresses and colors, so I've been hunting for reasonably priced cocktail dresses that would echo the v-neck and ruffles of my gown, in bright punchy colors.

Calvin Klein, from Bloomingdales. So cute, and only $130! That will make me popular :)

Bloomingdales, my go-to place for party dresses, has Amsale dress I've been looking for. I love the color and flowy-ness of this one.

Another possibility, also from Bloomies.


Eds. update: My BFF thinks that these floaty no-waist dresses will make her look pregnant again, which, after 2 kids, she has no intention of being! Mmmm... yeah, that was my lame-ass way of asking her to be in the wedding: asking her what sort of dress she'd like to wear. We both knew that she'd be standing beside me - we've been friends for more than 20 years (um yeah, I'm that old) - but I wish I'd done something a little more special. There's still time, I suppose. Thank goodness I didn't settle on one of these dresses!


CheapAndEasy said...

Love that last one!

Keg Design said...

I like the blue one from Bloomies!

I just nominated you for the GREAT Attitude/Gratitude Blog Award:


Madeline J. Dean said...

I also like the darling dress as it's very comfortable to wear and its price is also reasonable. The blue, budget, color, dress, friends, wedding party is my favorite dress. Thank you for all of dress collection. All are awesome..

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