Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Placecards to Save the Planet

What am I going to do with the extra 108 vintage California postcards left over from our Save the Date cards (which are finally out! yay!)?

In keeping with my theme of re-use, I think they'll make great place cards.* We'll hang them up with wooden clothespins from the 99 Cent Only store like this.**

Put guests' names on the back, maybe with a little message...

The Knot

Or hang them from a cool mobile (which I think we could make or find used)...

I love this Calder-esque option...


And the guests will have fun finding their cards,.

From Style Me Pretty

Ooo! I think I've still got my old traditional blue & yellow CA license plate. Perfect touch!

*What are escort cards, anyway???

** My feeling about place cards: I don't want anyone scoping about for a place to sit,*** or feeling left out of the 'cool table'. Therefore, everyone gets assigned seats.

***Too many bad memories of the 'salad bar scope' in college.


Color Me Green said...

to answer your question, it seems like your postcards are technically serving as escort cards. At formal events, you pick up your escort card when you arrive - each couple has an escort envelope with your names on it holding an escort card inside with your table number. then you go to your table and your place card tells you what seat is yours.

elizabeth said...

Ah ha! Thanks for the explanation! I guess that none of the weddings I've been to have been formal enough to have both placecards & escort cards. I was getting confused by the seeming redundancy, but now I know that escort cards direct you to the table, and then placecards show you where to sit. I am constantly amazed by how many details there are to consider!

A.Mountain.Bride said...

the details tend to be ridiculous though - don't you think?

i LOVE the idea you have of writing a lil message to each person on the back. i think personal touches like that are heartwarming. it would make me feel special if i received a hand written note at a wedding i attended.

(side note: i have to love love LOVE the license plate in the mix...using your old one will be awesome. i was (still am!) interested in using license plates in my wedding...but i haven't figured out how to blog about it yet - as there aren't any pictures that depict what my vision is...hummm)