Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Audacious wedding planning

That's what Meg, at A Practical Wedding, does.

That's what Sara, at 2000 Dollar Wedding, did.

And Jamie, at a Desert Fete, did.

And East Side Bride.

And lots of other amazing folks that I don't know about, but definitely would like to...

And apparently, that is the secret to success in blogging and in life.

Now it might seem over-reaching (audacious, even!) to compare planning a wedding to overcoming racism or running a country, but I contend it's equally important, in its own quotidian way.

In the way that New Year's Day sets the tone for the year ahead, the wedding establishes the tone of our lives together. The reception is the couple's first act of hospitality for their community together - the community that has supported them to this point, and will continue to support them.

So when we're setting that tone, shouldn't we do audacious things, things that "can't" be done... like
What's audacious about your wedding?

(In my case, it's #1, and hopefully #3 & #4, as well as getting married on the beach!)


Eco Yogini said...


We are planning morning pre-wedding Yoga... hopefully led by an instructor, but if that's not happening (for free lol) then it will be led by me! I have visions of yoga outside... so hopefully it won't be raining! :)

A.Mountain.Bride said...

Can't say I have anything audacious about my wedding yet but I love the way you wrote "the reception is the first act of hospitality". What a lovely reminder.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really doing anything audacious either...I am planning on making my own cake tho. & I'm not allowing kids....
I also like the reminder of the reception thing. Never really thought of it like that.

elizabeth said...

i don't mean audacious = outrageous, but whatever makes it special to you, like making your own cake, or keeping it grownups only, or having yoga...

which btw, i've been thinking about too... i don't know if there will really be time on the wedding morning, but i'd so love to be grounded and focused, for that day of all days.

sera said...

I'm all over the not white gown. and no favors. and having a good friend get ordained so that we can be married by someone who loves us. and no bridesmaids so no bridesmaids dresses. just trying to keep my mind on the meaning of love. is that audacious?