Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a pain in the ass!

  • endless searching, phoning, emailing...
  • only to find out that the fees for a particular vendor are beyond our budget.
  • signing contracts
  • trying to develop exquisite aesthetic taste in a few months, after decades of not caring much
  • colors? how on earth do you choose colors???
  • corralling addresses for friends all over the world
  • being the center of attention: not me, so much. Not Mr. Barefoot, either.
  • managing parental expectations
  • nearly missing a work deadline because of emergency gown consultations (well, not so bad really. I always love a good shopping trip.)
Sign me, Dazed & Confused

1 comment:

AmyJean said...

Hey girl check out www.weddzilla.com ... I blog for them but the idea behind it is awesome. you post a "project" and vendors bid... knowing full well what your budget is... saves time! :)