Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another piece falls into place

I hope yesterday's post wasn't too much of downer, what with all the talk of blood diamonds. I like pretty things as much as the next girl, but I want to be conscious of where they're coming from. There are so many ways to reduce the impact of our jewelry: by using family heirlooms or vintage jewelry, by getting stones re-set, by seeking out sources, including local designers, that monitor the social and environmental impacts of their materials.

Doc Water pointed me to the beautiful designs here.
If I didn't already have a ring, I'd be all over this

In more upbeat news, we met with and booked our photographer the other day, so I can check another thing off my list.

I have the practical blogosphere to thank for the introduction to the lovely and talented Kate Harrison. You may have seen her work at A Practical Wedding, where she sponsored a very generous contest, offering free wedding photography for someone who'd fallen on hard times in the recent economic downturn. As of yesterday, she told me that they had a winner, but hadn't heard from her yet. I hope she turns up, or maybe someone else will get a chance to benefit from Kate's service.

These are some of the images that let me know she was the One.


un-bride said...

Wow -- lovely pics. Congrats on checking off one more thing!

elizabeth said...

funny, i just looked at your photog - she does amazing work!

un-bride said...

Yeah, she's a friend & totally amazing. Also, she's working for a bribe, which makes it even better.

perfect bound said...

So exciting that you have a photographer booked. I can't wait to check out her work.