Monday, March 30, 2009

The flower boy's gift

Very much the sort of feeling I'd like our wedding to have (via Once Wed.)

When I first got engaged, I did absolutely nothing. I didn't call my parents right away. I didn't celebrate with friends (other than Mr. Barefoot). I didn't show anyone the ring at first. In fact, I stayed home for a couple of days. I just needed to sit with the idea and get used to it. I felt weird about not telling everyone right away, but getting married is such a big decision, it takes some time to sink in.

When I finally felt ready to start telling people, I rang up my best friend, and she immediately invited me over for Champagne. (That's what best friends do!) Her two kids, whom I've known since they were born, were busily working on art projects. I told the kids that I would be marrying Mr. Barefoot, and that I wanted them to dress up and carry flowers in the wedding. They immediately agreed, and the 7-year-old boy announced that he would make hundreds of origami peace cranes to decorate the wedding site.

Little did I know that, in addition to being a math prodigy, he is a wedding design prodigy. Origami cranes are everywhere! They're perfect for weddings because they symbolize honor, long life, and loyalty.

This is a particularly beautiful example, via Once Wed.

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

OMG is he really going to make cranes for your wedding? How did he know that was good luck for a wedding????