Thursday, March 12, 2009

Affordable invites

Having run out of things to stress out about regarding the location, date, dress and photographer, I'd moved on to stressing about invites.

The two foci of my stress were cost and environmental-friendliness. Since we're both in the environmental field, we want our wedding to reflect our values. So far, so good: it will be outdoors, in a national park, and the reception will be at a non-profit arts center, with seasonal, local, organic food.

But what to do about all the miscellaneous paper that accompanies throwing a big party? Mr. Barefoot was all for evites (bet he didn't even know that they have a deal with The Knot!)*, and online RSVPs, but that seemed just a little too casual, hey-c'mon-over-we'll-pop-a-few-beers.

In the last couple days, I've seen two awesome options that have given me great hope for classy, yet affordable and environmentally-friendly invites.**

Option 1: Reasonably priced letterpress which can be done on recycled-content paper, via Snippet & Ink

Option 2: Fresh, sophisticated designs from the brand-spanking-new Printable Press which could be printed locally, or even by us, again on recycled-content paper.

Or, OMG, Option 3: We get an amazing design from Kimi at Printable Press, and send it to Mercurio Brothers for some sweet letterpress. Now that would be stylin'!

I can't imagine that there's anyone in the anti-WIC blogosphere that hasn't seen the amazing designs at Printable Press yet, but if not, dash over and take a look. Her designs are just gorgeous! (All images from there.)

*In a nod to Meg's post at A Practical Wedding today, in which a bride to be gives the downlow on what it's like to plan a lesbian wedding in a small Texas town, I'd like to point out that evite does have wedding evite with two brides, and two grooms. Cool and progressive! Just for that reason, I'd almost consider doing evites...

**Oh, and by the way, I never understood all those extra envelopes and pieces of tissue paper. So we're not gonna have 'em. Less to buy, less for people to throw away!

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