Sunday, March 15, 2009

Power flowers and pretty tables

Ooo, I love these flowers! Vibrant, bold colors, big blooms.

Found at A Practical Wedding

These might look good on the long dining tables in blue glass vases, like this. I'm trying to track down a bunch for cheap on ebay and/or the Dollar Store.

We've budgeted only $250 for decorations. We'll be outdoors much of the day, so we won't need much. But the interior is a renovated army building, and, as you can imagine, is pretty barebones. Some flowers and perhaps paper lanterns will warm it up a bit.

This is the other idea I like for the tables: manzanita branches in glass vases, maybe with some cranberries filling the bottom of the vases.
via Brooklyn Bride


Meg said...

First, thank you. And hello right back at you from across the bay. Second, that is my all time favoriet bouquet (and I found out it's pretty make-able too, yay!)

perfect bound said...

I was in love with the idea of branches but they were remarkably hard to find. I love blossoming branches like cherry blossoms. Perfect for a spring wedding.