Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chart the wedding

Ooo, cool new ways to visualize the physical and social space of the wedding!*

This wedding mapper
tool is a great way to give a visual overview of where everything is happening. One more link on the wedding website, and one less piece of paper to send to everyone.

And this wedding genealogy is such a cool way to show how everyone is interconnected - think Facebook social history, calligrafied.

So wishing I had the mad design skills of some of the bride2B's out there! I wonder if we could do this in PowerPoint or Word. It would be fun to visualize how everyone is connected.

*hmmm... my inability to actually escape from my dissertation, even when I am ostensibly thinking about something else, rears its ugly head. Task for the weekend: finish a chapter on perceptions of physical and social space.

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