Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Honeymoon giveaway! Enter today!

It's funny how the universe responds to our desires. It just might grant you a free honeymoon!

The back story: last week, I woke up thinking that it would be fun to have fortune cookies at our wedding. It's always amusing to see what fortune cookies predict, and it could be a good icebreaker for our guests.

And, fortune cookies have personal significance: a couple years ago, when I was just getting to know Mr. Barefoot, I was eating fortune cookies with my then-roommate, and got one that said something like "you or someone you know will be married within the year." We both thought it was hilarious. The thing with Mr. Barefoot was getting pretty serious, pretty quickly. Superstitiously, I wrapped up the fortune cookie and stored it in the freezer. I re-discovered it while cleaning out the freezer and preparing to vacate that apartment to move in with Mr. Barefoot in Dec., and he and I ate the oracular (and somewhat stale) fortune cookie.

What does all this have to do with honeymoons??? Well, that day I woke up thinking that it would be fun to have fortune cookies at our wedding, I received an email from Fancy Fortune Cookies, telling me about their Honeymoon Giveaway, and asking me to host the contest on my blog. What a coincidence!

Here's the deal:

Click here to enter TODAY! The contest ends at 11:59 P.M. ET, Weds. May 20. (I got a bit distracted by graduation, and wasn't able to post this as soon as I would have liked.)

What you can win:

A three-night Dream Honeymoon for two (worth $2500) at one of Sandals' tropical resorts. Sandals has been voted World's Best Honeymoon Resort for the past eight years in a row. Imagine scenic settings where the ultimate of everything is within your reach. Including the most luxurious rooms and suites with exquisite views, along with thoughtful amenities. Each Sandals resort features a wide choice of international gourmet dining experiences, complimented by free-flowing premium spirits, served by a staff whose greatest pleasure is making you smile.

Fine print:
The drawing for the giveaway will take place on or about May 22nd, 2009.

There is a $25.00 fee applicable per room per night that the winner must pay to redeem the 3-night stay at the Sandals or Beaches resort. Although this means the grand prize is not technically free, paying $75.00 for a 3-night stay for two at an all-inclusive resort is a pretty great deal!

One more thing: the blogger who gets the most brides to enter the contest, wins an iPod Touch or a Flip Video MinoHD camera. So please go and enter!