Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Remember this green shrug from Kristi & John's Crafty Rainy Day Wedding featured on the Offbeat Bride?

It got me kind of obsessed with finding the perfect cozy colorful little thing for covering my shoulders as the evening chill falls.

Gorgeous custom designs are available from Holly Stalder

Priscilla of Boston, via Diagnosis Deferred

I like a hit of color, like this dramatic bolero from Countessa

I keep thinking of something wispy and fluffy and blue, like my favorite shrug EVER that so far seems destined to remain a dream. I'll keep checking the English Dept. to see if Elizabeth Dye offers more of these...

From Couture Candy.

I have yet to find the exact perfect shrug. Could this be a little like looking for a dress?

Meanwhile, I love this delicious sweater hack. All the instructions for this amazingly gorgeous project are at Mighty Girl.


CaraBella said...

Fabulous post!! I'm *such* a fan of Holly Stalder + Elizabeth Dye, too...

a mindful bride said...

Hmmm... daydreaming about the perfect shrug now :)

Sadie said...

Ooooh, don't forget that your boobs will not be a normal size on the day, if you're anything like me... and thus all shrugs become more shruggy, so give them a bit more space than you might think - even better, try them on over a padded bra! Some can look very odd if they sit open, forced aside by your newly generous bosom!