Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do I dare?

Do I dare go for this wild and crazy Alice In Wonderland theme?

As Credit Crunch Bride says:
It excuses all sorts of ridiculous randomness, wonky home-made cakes, mismatching decorations and strange behaviour. In fact, it encourages it.
Yes! A theme that encompasses goofiness and has room for things that aren't perfect! This is the sort of theme I could embrace.

Other necessities for an Alice In Wonderland theme:
  • Croquet (Mr. Barefoot's fav lawn game!)
  • Stopped clocks (We have a plethora, along with chronically slow watches (all mine))
  • Rakish top hats (some of the faculty members wear these with their academic garb - perfect)
  • Door mice and rabbit holes (should be plentiful at an outdoor site)
  • Cheshire cat-like grins (hell yeah! we're getting married!)
Plus, all sorts of goofiness and bizarre conduct can fall under the umbrella of 'playing into the theme'...

A non-theme theme. See more wacky and whimisical brilliance here.


LPC said...

Of course you dare.

Anonymous said...

You do dare! Please do!

un-bride said...

Oh please do this!

Also, a) why do you have a plethora of stopped clocks? and b) thank you for casually using "plethora".

Upficsi: A fancy art gallery in Wonderland, where everything is upside-down. See? It's fate!

April said...

the sleeves on that dress just made my day.

A.Mountain.Bride said...

shoot! sounds like a blast to me!

Caroline said...

If you like it, go for it! I'm sure many of your guests will talk about it for years! It's very whimsical!

elizabeth said...

oooh! So glad you like this wacky idea! Mr. Barefoot took a look at the blog the other night and shied away from the theme... and then he got the brilliance of it: 'wait, we can do whatever we want in the name of the theme?!?!?'...

the stopped clocks? well, really watches.
time + me = not an easy relationship.
most of my watches seem to die an early death. not sure why.