Monday, May 4, 2009

Fine dining, finally

For five years, I lived in an apartment without a dining room. Entertaining was limited to brunch in the backyard, because the picnic table could seat more than the tiny cafe table in the kitchen.

I finally got a dining room in Dec. when I moved into an actual house with Mr. Barefoot.

However, years of the peripatetic student life had left us both with only a few sticks of furniture. And certainly no table with presence enough to fill our sunlit dining room.

Enter the Wooden Duck's moving sale. If you need furniture, and you're in the Bay Area, you can't get there soon enough! Did I mention this stuff is HALF OFF?!?! Beautiful solid wood, sustainable furniture for half price - or less! They were selling a bunch of pine chair for $30 each.

The Wooden Duck makes beautiful furniture from recycled, reclaimed wood. This is solid, high quality stuff that will last forever, and no forests were destroyed to make it. Plus, the aged wood has a special patina, and suffers less from shrinking and warping.

We found the most beautiful coffee table made from a huge slab of polished, recycled walnut, complete with sanded knots and burls, and a raw edge. It has such great organic style.

(like this, from here, as there are no images on the Wooden Duck's website.)

But even better is the dining table, made from recycled Douglas fir, probably from an old barn. This thing is SOLID. The tabletop must be two inches thick.

We picked out a bunch of simple, solid reclaimed teak chairs to go with it. The chairs, along with the sideboard, are going to get stained to match the table. All of this stuff was half price!

I can't wait until they're delivered.


Color Me Green said...

i would love to have beautiful reclaimed wood furniture like that! it's a dream filed away for when i someday have a house too (or just more space!).

A.Mountain.Bride said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmygosh. LOVE that furniture you just acquire. SO beautiful. We are still living with all of our college furniture, because, well, we are still in college. :-) Most of our stuff was free - and boy does it look like it. BUT...all joking of our junk aside...our home is so adorable and eclectic and I really like how it all feels. (don't let me fool you, i cannot-freaking-wait to get "real" big people furniture someday.) congrats!

A.Mountain.Bride said...

ha. please excuse all of the errors in that last message. i got all excited and didn't proof-read. :-)

Anonymous said...

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