Thursday, May 14, 2009

For the Mother of the Bride?

My mother has been asking with increasing frequency and urgency what she should wear. I've been putting her off because I honestly have no idea! It's a fine line to tread between refined elegance and looking matronly.

Though I have strong opinions about fashion, some days I have trouble dressing myself. At those times, dressing - or guiding - a whole wedding entourage feels like a bit much. But then my control freak/ wannabe fashionista tendencies kick back in, and I realize that if I have strong feelings about the 'look', I've got to speak up.

These two looks offer the simple elegance that I think would flatter my mom (unfortunately, I saved them ages ago, and have no idea where they're from.)

Anyone have a good source for stylish Mother-of-the-Bride dresses? Bonus points for natural fibers, US-made or eco-friendly dresses!


LPC said...

I hope to be a mother of the bride at some point. All I can say is that it really depends on the type of mom you have. If she's a diva mom, you are probably going to have to talk her down from something showy. If she is an arty, cool mom, she is REALLY going to hate anything designated as mother of the bride, and will find something to wear sort of like what she would wear to a fancy dinner party. If she is a homebody mom, she will probably be fine with the more traditional look. And then you just have to decide do you care what color she is in for photographs...which she may or may not agree on. I think the point of mother of the bride clothes used to be to point out who was in fact the mother. One can always use flowers as the signifier, instead of clothing. Just a thought.

Eco Yogini said...

This is funny as my mom has been mentioning this more and more often lately too!
My response was the same as for my Maid of Honour; "whatever you feel fabulous in". I just want my mom to be there and celebrate with me... and I know she won't show up in jeans. :) I guess it feels weird to tell my mother what to wear, and I really feel awkward focusing on her outward appearance, as if she's some sort of accessory to "match" with decorations.
I really like LPC's idea of another method of identifying her (although everyone at my wedding will know that she's my mom, it's a small wedding). That way she will hopefully wear the dress again- which is the most eco of all choices- reuse :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks for the ideas! Getting flowers for the parents is a lovely thought - on to The List.

LPC said...

Thanks for letting us participate like this!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Gosh-thats been one of our toughest tasks to accomplish~

April said...

First time visitor, don't know if you have any color preferences-- but--

(on clearance, also look for it in scarlet & beige.)
(sorry for the gnarly url.)

elizabeth said...

@April: Thanks for the suggestion! That's cute dress!

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