Friday, June 5, 2009

Euphoria for all

Talk about timing! I was just about to change from one outfit into another, while my fiance and the photographer waited to continue our engagement photo shoot, when an Equality California canvasser rang the doorbell.

There, in that moment, getting a tiny taste of the euphoria that I expect to surround our wedding, I could not stand for anyone else to be denied that opportunity.

Somehow we need to engineer it so that everyone who supported Proposition (H)8 is magically visited by a representative from Equality California right in the midst of a tender moment with their spouse, and asked whether they are willing to deny the legal protection of those feelings to their neighbors, co-workers and friends. Such a denial seems nearly impossible to me - like denying a hungry person food when we are in the midst of dinner.

Equality California is working to win marriage back for all Californians by raising $500,000 in the 90 days to hire 25 grassroots organizers to reach out to people across the state, through face-to-face conversations and phone banking.

Along with financially supporting the campaign, you can volunteer to talk to people, and you can pledge your support for "the freedom of same-sex couples to marry."

Cool "I DO" gear - stickers, signs, buttons, t-shirts - from here.

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