Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't hate me, un-bride

You wanna know the real reason I haven't gone to SF for the first fitting of my wedding dress?

I'm worried that it will be too small.

See, I was between sizes when I ordered it. A size up would have needed significant alterations to fit, while the size ordered was just a little bit snug. The consultant encouraged me to order the smaller size and just "lose 5 to 8 pounds." Not much. I assured her (and myself) that I was at my winter weight, and a few weeks of salads and daily workouts would have me fighting trim.

Ah, but we didn't figure in the stress munchies that join at my computer each day. And we didn't count on me spending 8-10 solid hours in front of the computer, all day, every day.

I'm maybe two pounds lighter than when I ordered the dress in January. My fitting is in three weeks. Goodbye alcohol, laziness, and bread.

I welcome any other (sane, healthy, and vegetarian) ideas to help me fit into my dress.

(I can't believe I am capitulating to Shrinking Bride Syndrome. $)@$#^*&#@ ego. and Wedding Industrial Complex.)


Marisa said...

Drinking lots of water helps me feel healthy! Also yogi tea is delicious (peach detox is my favorite) and helps prevent me from going to my coworkers office and scarfing down chocolate during that 4 o'clock snack time. :)

Bride in Exile said...

I was actually really freaked out about this too. I'd heard so much about wedding dresses running way smaller than street sizes, and I was shocked when the consultant measured me and told me to order a dress that was only 1 number above my street size.

I spent the week before I tried on the dress nervously wondering if I'd just dropped an ungodly sum of money on a gown that was going to be way too small. But here's the good news -- it fit beautifully! And I bet yours will too, with much fewer alterations than you'd need if you'd gone with a bigger size.

I second the "drink lots of water" idea. Also, yoga. I love yoga. Keeps me sane, and helps me build muscle tone without going to the gym and having to listen to muscular guys grunt.

invisiblyrose said...

another vote for drinking lots of water! i also find that diet drinks - soda, snapple iced teas - make me hungrier.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Don`t worry, you're cool. I think weight loss is one of those things like being self-conscious about your budget--we get so worked up about not being WIC-y that we are sometimes too hard on ourselves. It's cool, you are not a vain psycho--don't feel bad about a little dieting. :)

donna said...

i'm right there with you. i feel like the main thing for me is salt -- i'm going to lower my salt intake and hope the bloating and water weight go away (and take some of the fat with it, too). wishful thinking? maybe.

Green Otter said...

I'm in a similar sort of situation, having munched my way through exam time... For me, it's about reducing the stress (and therefore the inclination to eat crap) and staying off the things that I know I shouldn't eat (chocolate, crisps, alcohol..).
I've always found that a conciously healthy veggie diet has kept the weight off. But saying that, I've been trying the abs diet recently and that seems very healthy, sane and realistic.
Good luck - I'm sure the dress will fit - and if not there's always ebay... (gets shouted out of the blogsite)

a mindful bride said...

Well,I sort of have the opposite problem--I really want to lose weight but ordered a dress on the big side and now I'm worried it'll have to be altered a ton!! Don't worry about it too much. I find just being aware of what I'm eating helps me make healthier choices. You still have many months until the wedding to get it all worked out :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement and support! Hello, lotsa water and daily gym time. Funny thing is, Mr. Barefoot makes fun of how often I pee already - I'm gonna float away... Goodbye, sugar, salt and stress. All things I needed to do anyway, but have fallen by the wayside during this super hectic time. Back to healthy living...!

elizabeth said...

oh, and BIE, I LOVE yoga, and have counted on that (vinyasa) as my exercise routine. But apparently it's not enough... :(

donna said...

ps, i just ate a faceful of flamin hot cheeto puffs (yes, they are as good as you'd imagine). so apparently, everything i said about lowering my salt intake was a lie.

Gauchegirl said...

Well I have to say that walking heaps helped for me. When I first fell in love with my dress, we couldn't get the zipper all the way up for fear we'd damage it but when I finally picked it up, it fit like a dream. Of course its going to be a workout to wear it the whole day - it weighs a tonne!

un-bride said...

Oh darling, I would never hate you. (I'm just seeing this post - I wasn't pouting, promise.) After all, you've been writing a freaking dissertation, which leads me to believe that you've had other things on your mind. Besides, my fiance's on a diet 'til the wedding now, so who am I to judge?

That consultant who's out there blithely advising women to lose weight, though ... I'd like to have a word or two with her ;)