Friday, September 18, 2009

Obsess much?

They say you learn a lot about yourself and your partner planning a wedding. The more reflective books, like The Conscious Bride*, suggest that the period of engagement is a liminal time, when one is betwixt and between, neither single nor married, moving through a passage that leads to a new stage of life.

This is all true. I've learned a lot lately. With the myriad of changes in process: doctoral candidate to graduate, student to faculty, single to married, I've turned all my attention to appearance. I obsess about what to wear. It seems to run in the family, too, because nine out of ten conversations I've had with my mom are on that same topic.

Now that the dress, shoes and earrings are under control, I've turned my attention to bracelets. Necessary for the wedding? Not really. Ok, not at all.
The current object of my obsession? Most definitely.

The wave-like design of this cuff would be perfect next to the ocean... but I'm wondering if an order from Thailand, from a vendor with no reviews, would arrive in time for the wedding.

These pearls pick up the ocean theme pretty well, too. And they'd look great with my earrings. But is it a little 1980s?

Love the organic shapes of this! I could see wearing it all the time to teach.

More organic shapes... that echo our invitations! I might have to get it just for that reason.

Totally cosmic! Again, probably more day wear than wedding wear, though.

This mesh cuff rocks my world! Tough and tender at the same time, elegant and architectural. Kind of like my dress. It may be the one....

Then there's this. My original wedding bracelet inspiration. I love the vines, the organic feel. I've been worshiping Beth Cyr's jewelery for a while. It was The One until I saw...

This incredible Mexican lace-style cuff in the Sundance catalog. It's got it all: silver, vines, pearls. But, at $500, it costs as much as some wedding dresses!

So, bridal fashionistas, help me put another obsession to rest. (I really need to be working on the play list and ceremony! ) Which one do you like best???

*It's worthwhile getting a used one on Amazon - just one cent, plus shipping. $4.00 to unravel the mysteries of Wed Head. And the wobbles that come after the wedding. Dr. Cowgirl's got dibs on my copy.


A.Mountain.Bride said...

my 2 cents: love your options but my FAVE two are Beth Cyr (huge fan of her work...I love love love), and the leafy creation by Wrist Candy Creations - this shop is new to me and I'm TOTALLY going to explore it all night :-)

Good luck making your choice...

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Hey! I have one that looks a like like that Mexican lace one from Sundance. It's actually an antique napkin ring that my grandmother had cut and smoothed for me to wear as a cuff. I bet you could DIY a cool one from an antique shop for cheap!

Love them all. You're OK to obsess when they are THAT pretty!

Eco Yogini said...

I LOVE the leafy one and the Beth Cyr one (but way to pricey for myself)... so I really like the first one too.

I do like the pearls, but I agree, it might be a bit 80's... and I always feel somewhat "older" in pearls LOL, but that's just me! :)

They are all so beautiful.
i'm obsessing about earrings honestly.... :)

Mo said...

I vote for the Beth Cyr! I don't know much about your wedding (new to the blog--hi!) but from what I can gather, it looks like a perfect choice for an organic/ocean side/eco friendly wedding. What I like most is how delicate it looks! Very pretty.

One Barefoot Bride said...

Ah, ladies (Hi, Mo! and Welcome!), you've confirmed my feeling that one's first instinct is usually the right one. I've been in love with the Beth Cyr bracelet for ages. In typical fashion, I wondered if there was something better out there, and went scouting around for the Even More Perfect bracelet.

The Beth Cyr one has exactly the right vibe AND I would probably continue to wear it daily cuz I love it so much (AND I'm due for a piece of 'statement jewelry' with my new job ;-) )!

Thirty Something Bride: genius on the napkin ring idea!!! Just as soon as I have some time, I'm totally hitting up the Sunday flea market for one!

Anonymous said...

Totally the Beth Cyr or mesh ones--very floaty and ethereal in that effortless bridal kind of way!