Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Over-achieving brides

This is why non-crafty brides (over here!) can get intimidated reading wedding blogs. Ah-may-zing... handcrafted multipiece wedding invitations cached inside carefully chosen (The Dream Lover; Blind Date with Mars) hollowed-out vintage books. How would you feel receiving one of these gorgeously detailed packages in the mail?

I hope my guests don't print up t-shirts saying "I was invited to the Barefoot wedding... and all I got was this single piece of letterpress."

See more luscious pictures at the website of photographer Jessica Claire, the bride.


LPC said...

Honestly? I would wonder how the couple managed to live without having a job, or doing anything other than crafts for their wedding.

Petite Chablis said...

My first thought would be "wow, that's unique." My second thought would be, "I wonder how much postage cost to send all of these books?" My third thought would be, "Holy cow. What does one wear to a wedding you've been invited to via vintage book?! Aaack!" Then I would raid my closet in a panic, find nothing, and go to Anthropologie seeking the perfect vintage cocktail dress.

Non-crafty bride here too, BTW. Don't sweat it. There's no moral failure in not hand-crafting every aspect of your wedding if that's not something you're into. (And you get a major pass on the grounds that you just finished your dissertation!!)

elizabeth said...

@LPC: apparently a bit of the work - including collecting & preparing the books - was out-sourced to the bride's printmaker friend. But still, i bet the invites (not to mention the Save the Dates, which involved 4 separate elements) took an extraordinary amount of time to create & assemble.

Halsey said...

Those are super cute and would be remembered for sure!

chicncheap said...

Whoa - love it. But also dude, they cut out whole books, hope it was a really bad vintage book.

This would have certainly been over my .44 limit for postage though. :)

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Eh, I'd pass. At this point, I know that people really don't care that much about the invitation. While it can convey the feeling of the wedding (which is important), they usually end up in the trash, along with the RSVP card, in some cases.

While these are GORGEOUS, no doubt, I think inexpensive is the way to go!

Anonymous said...

Those are Very Beautiful Invites that took a lot of crafty thought and hard work!
Kari Dyas (my very talented cousin) did an EXTRAORDINARY job!!