Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"You're my kind of bride"

I knew I'd found the right florist, when Silke of Local Flora, said that to me.

Before we even got down to the details of arrangements and colors, we had a long talk about sustainability, and pesticides, and local growers, and why it's so hard to find organic flowers. (Answer: consumers demand perfect petals, and growers have difficulty making ends meet if they have to throw away too many munched blooms.) Silke said that the market for organic flowers is in its infancy, in the same way that the market for organic food was ten years ago. Many people don't realize the amounts of pesticides used on flowers or the concomitant dangers (a topic I wrote about here), and don't think to request organic flowers. She and her shop are working to nurture the local supply of organic flowers by working with individual growers, and buying extra blooms from individuals with extensive organic gardens.

Her gorgeous designs show that you don't have to give up elegance by going local and organic.

I showed Silke my favorite flower inspiration image (via SMP), and then said, "But no roses." She didn't bat an eye.
She grabbed some sunflowers - organic ones are easily available - along with some coxcomb and dark red dahlias, and started putting together a bouquet full of bright colors and interesting textures as I watched.

Now the only question is how many corsages and boutonnieres to order for our non-traditional band of wedding helpers.


LPC said...

OMG. The stuff on her site is just so outright pretty.

Marisa said...

yay for non-rose boquets. My flowers were all seasonal grown by my momma! Loving this blog

Anonymous said...

Sunflowers and dahlias! You are my kind of bride, too. :)

the un-bride said...

Hey beautiful,
I've missed your blog so much during my petit-exile. And I think your flowers sound/look lovely. I managed all of mine via the SF flower market ... but I've since realized that I. Am. Insane.

Halsey said...

Those flowers are so beautiful! I love when people aren't afraid to use lots of color.

Wedding Flowers Co said...

Yea! Glad to hear you found a florist that you fell in love with. Beautiful wedding flowers!