Monday, September 21, 2009

Shoegate continues...

In keeping with my current obsession about what to wear, and my advisor's query about what I wear for teaching (skirts and heels, a complete 180 from my grad student uniform of jeans and clogs), I've been searching for the perfect funky, walkable, power-projecting pair of shoes.

Look what Doc Water pointed me to:

Her cousin is a ridiculously talented shoe designer (see 'em all here) in Tel-Aviv, who is kindly bringing some of her wares for shoe-obsessed gals to consider at the good Doc's wedding next weekend!

Doc Water will be wearing some of these handmade beauties under her dress. So cool.

If you happen to be in Tel-Aviv, you should visit one of these places for gorgeous designer shoes!

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LPC said...

Those look great. BTW, my sister is getting the Chie Mihara boots I posted recently:)> She says its about not being too shiny, shiny is suspect. And materfamiliaswrites, another professor, likes artisanal shoes too. So, I think you are in the exactly appropriate space. Anthropologically speaking, of course.