Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ha! He's caught the shopping bug. Mr. Barefoot is scrolling through potential gifts for the ushers.*

He's even looking at gifts for the ladies!

That's my guy!!!

*Our inclusive wedding entourage consists of a whole mess o' ushers, both male and female, some of whom double as readers, and two Women of Honor. We had to bend the system to our situation. Some of Mr. Barefoot's closest friends are women; he has no siblings. Two of my most important people are my brothers (no sisters). I have two very dear friends from college; Mr. Barefoot has a circle of friends and didn't want to choose just one best man. Plus, we wanted to involve lots of our friends in the wedding. What to do? Co-ed usher-readers, and two special Women of Honor.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I want that printed scarf. And I wish I could get Econo Boy to wear one of those amazing ties (he's more of a small-prints guy). Great finds, Mr. Barefoot!

Stacy Marie said...

That scarf is gorgeous!

the un-bride said...

Oh lordy thank-you for not informing me that Toybreaker makes items for women before my wedding. Like I didn't covet that shizz enough!

Bridechka said...

love those toybreaker ties!