Saturday, September 5, 2009

Would it be too much?

... to wear this gorgeous bolero over my dress, which also has a ruffle around the halter neck?

Too many competing ruffles?

What if it were blue?

Though summer has finally come to the Bay, I'm starting to worry about the brisk wind off the ocean...


Anonymous said...

I want to marry the blue one. I think it's all about the neckline and if it goes--the actual halter straps are likely to be hidden by the bolero!

dairy princess said...

Gasp! That blue one is incredible; go for it!

I'm feelin you on the 'too much'...the bottom half of my dress is white feathers AND I'm wearing a bolero (I'm just a bit inland from you but am nervous about brisk autumn too), but I REALLY want a fabulous hairpiece without looking too Swan Lake. :)

A.Mountain.Bride said...

oh dear god. those are both divine. my vote is on the BLUE one :-)