Monday, July 13, 2009

Shoegate update

Fluevog just emailed to notify me that the black work shoes I had ordered (along with the purple boots, uh huh, yes I did!), are sold out company-wide, so they've canceled that part of my order.

Is that a divine sign that, because I was so budget savvy with the vases and votives over the weekend that I should reward myself with the Chie Miharas???

Or should I continue to look for hip/ funky/ walkable professorial shoes?

As I confided in the wise executive LPC the other day, after nine years as a grad student, wearing mainly jeans and Dansko clogs (yeah, boring), I am quite at a loss as to how to dress professionally and professorially.

Please weigh in, oh blogonistas!


LPC said...

Oh I so hate to say this. However. I would guess that the Chie Miharas, desirable though they are, maybe are a little too sexy. There I said it. But look at the feet of those around you. Context is all. I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

If you can afford the Chie Miharas, get them. I mean, if they make you feel fabulous, that is!

A.Mountain.Bride said...

every body is allowed a little indulgence every once in a while! Go with that which makes you feel DAMN SEXY!

donna said...

this is fate! chie miharas all the way!!! they're sexy, but very tastefully so. :D

Vera D. said...

I just found my wedding shoes over the weekend at 40% at Tootsies in Rockridge (Oakland). They're satin peeptoes (Seychelles) and very comfy and sexy! Hope you can find your dream shoes!! Best of luck!

Eco Yogini said...

As a former grad student, now professional, it really does depend on the context.
Dressing professionally and appropriately does matter in the work force... but if you're still a 'student' then that changes matters.
When I worked in a child development center we were allowed to wear flip flops- so I did :)
Now that I work in a hospital environment professionalism really matters- no jeans (except on fridays!) and no flip flops. sigh.
so, since wearing high heels and working with preschoolers isn't really reasonable, I found cute, funky comfortable shoes (sling backed Rocket Dogs- seriously awesome).
I do like the previous commentor's idea of looking to see what others in a similar position around you are wearing. :) But then, sexy shoes for non-work are always fun!

Saartjie said...

As gutted as I am for you about those purple boots (it raining and freezing here in SAfrica right now and I was doing some serious coveting), a small part of me enjoys the irony of the shoeless barefoot bride!

One thing I have learnt from my (extremely conservative) profession: if you're clever enough, it's a whole lot easier to let your clothing mirror your personality (at least a little bit). I think you're probably clever enough :)

CaraBella said...

I have to admit: I think it's fate that those fluevogs didn't work out -- they look uber comfy, but ... again, listen to Fate. I hardcore dig the Chie Miharas, but I gotta go with the other ladies who say look to context -- those shoes could fly in some offices, maybe not in others. If you can splurge, I am 110% behind you!! But if your primary goal is for the office + they don't fit in, I'll say that I'm totally behind you for continuing your hip/funky/walkable shoe search :)