Wednesday, July 8, 2009


That is, trying to select just ten, for processing, of the 85 photos from our free engagement session.

Neither of us think of ourselves as especially photogenic, or comfortable in front of a camera, but these photos are miraculous!

Rosaura Sandoval did an amazing job of helping us relax - even encouraging us to grab a glass of wine! - and have fun with the photo session. The proofs are remarkable: we look like ourselves, but better. Like a super happy, romantic comedy, googly-in-love version of ourselves.

Since we're both climbers and happiest when we're outdoors, we went up to a HUGE boulder in the Berkeley Hills and hung out on the rock. The sun was shining, a gentle breeze played through the eucalyptus, and we were totally at ease, hanging out on the rock.

I quickly shed my 4-inch Anthropologie wedges - I'd had visions of those cute shoe photos that are all over the internet, but ya know what, I'm always more comfortable barefoot. Within five minutes of starting the shoot, the shoes were tossed aside.

A few things I learned from this experience:
  • Feeling happy and comfortable comes through in the photos. The best shots are of us in jeans. When we changed into dress clothes, we weren't as relaxed, and it shows.
  • Getting makeup professionally done is totally worth it. It presents a much cleaner, more defined image.
  • Being in a place you like or that has personal meaning makes it more fun.
  • The best "kissing" photos aren't of actually kissing, but just two faces really close together.
  • Angles - bent arms, bent knees - are more flattering and add a bit of movement to the photos.
  • I scrunch up my face a lot when I smile - it would be nice to have a less scrunched smile for the wedding.
And now it's so difficult to choose just a few of these awesome sitting-on-a-rock, overlooking-the-Bay photos!

(yeah, I know my life is tough if this is today's big concern ;-) Clearly, I'm avoiding the other writing that I should be doing...)


anna and the ring said...

Yey for pretty photos and also yey for the photos in which you feel most comfortable.

Whilst engagement photos are getting a bit of bad press at the mo. I still think they are super helpful for people (like me) who don't ever have photos taken.

Will there be a preview?!!

un-bride said...

So ... ahem ... do we get to see one?

("ninis": phonetic variation of the polite term for all those people who vex you whilst planning your wedding)

elizabeth said...

:) I'll post when I get the processed ones back from Rosaura - I want to show off her lovely work.

I agree, Anna, I didn't really 'get' the idea of engagement pix - but when I saw a chance to get them for free, I couldn't resist. And now, I'm glad we've had the experience of working with a professional photographer before the wedding - I think the wedding pix will turn out that much better. Plus it's great to have some shots of us where we're not squinting into the sun or buried in hats & sunglasses.