Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Divine details

Did you see the darling summer-camp-inspired wedding at Style Me Pretty?
You must take a look! It's both gorgeous and laid back.

If the devil - or the divine - is in the details (which is it, really?), they had one helluva - or one heavenly - wedding.

Either way, I pretty much want to steal all their special little touches.

Mr. Barefoot is the world's leading expert on a particular of species of dragonfly found in one Rhode Island swamp. The icon made it onto our registry dishes - so we'll need some dragonflies at the reception as well.

This is exactly the sort of outdoorsy bout I've been dreaming of...

And the tables look so inviting, yet not overdone.

Another inspiring table saved long ago, from - ack! - and unknown source. I'll gladly post the link if someone knows.


donna said...

LOVE the colored glass in the last photo!! I might have to steal this idea as well... :)

Your fiance is really the world's leading expert in a dragonfly??? That's seriously the coolest thing I've heard in a while.

Eco Yogini said...

I LOVED this wedding and drooled a LOT when I saw it at Style Me Pretty. PERFECT.
I especially liked the canoe shot of them paddling along the peaceful lake- reminds me of home (which I guess it should as Maine is so close to Nova Scotia!). :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks, Donna :) I think he's the only one to ever study the life-cycle of that particular dragonfly!

elizabeth said...

And, Eco Yogini - would that we could paddle away! That would be sooooo cool! The west coast surf is a bit much, though. But if we were surfers... gah, how cool would that be, to change out of the dress into a wetsuit, and surf into the sunset???