Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I win!

How cute is that???

It's "Cow" by Ina of WalkingToJericho, and - holy cow! - I won it, thanks to the generosity of stationery designer Avis, at Avie Designs. Lucky me! It pretty much made my day to read that I'd won!

It was hard to decide which of WalkingToJericho's designs I liked best...

This would've been a great gift for my friend A.

Such a peaceful feeling to this one.

But Cow won my heart, with those big brown eyes, and will look perfect in my kitchen.

I'm so pleased to have found Avie Designs, after seeing Avis's wedding featured on A Practical Wedding. The wedding fiesta, with a sombrero cake, looked like such a blast, and I loved what she said about it: "the best week of my life." I wandered over to Avis's blog, and found that her stationery shop has Avie Designs, has tons of gorgeous stuff, much of it on 100% recycled paper, printed with soy inks!

Just the calling card for a barefoot website, no?

Love the pop of the yellow envelope with these 100% recycled invitations.

Yummy... I really need to write more letters. I'd be so excited to see this show up in the mail!


un-bride said...

Congrats on your win! What pretty things -- love the cow.

ps: I bought boots this weekend, too. Don't tell the Mr.

(entuis: pl. of "entui", a rare Galapagos bird)

anna and the ring said...

Gosh, you lucky thing! Love the cow!