Monday, February 2, 2009

Who is One Barefoot Bride?

I got tagged on Facebook and posted some 'things' about myself. You might want to know also.

1. I'm having an unproductive day... maybe even a 'writer's blocked' day. I figured if I typed something - anything - it might get me going.

2. Despite appearances to the contrary, I'm a southern belle: I was born in the south, and lived there for several childhood years. My family of Yankees never fit in though. Perhaps this is when the urge to travel was born.

3. I angered my second grade teacher (in a small town in the south) by following the spirit of the assignment, but not the letter. She had asked us to write down the numbers, one to 100. I chose to do this by 5s. She was not amused. Perhaps this is when my predilection for marching to my own drum became clear.

4. I relearned to walk at the age of eight, after having spent the summer with two broken legs as a result of a car accident. Perhaps this is when the urge to ramble was born.

5. I love fashion. When I'm in Asia, I design clothes and get them made by local tailors.

6. I am incoherent before my two cups of strong coffee in the morning.

7. I can easily while away an entire day doing nothing. I mean, really, nothing.

8. Each time I have graduated from a degree program, the country has been in a recession. My biggest degree => the country's biggest recession.

9. Since high school, I have always had several friends who have the same name as me. I think this emphasizes our common humanity.

10. Though I've traveled to the far corners of the world, and climbed vertical rocks, two things are scary to many people, I wish I were less fearful.

11. I've won a number of writing prizes, but have yet to parlay this into publishing fame and fortune.

12. I slept on a heating grate in Washington DC with actor Martin Sheen to publicize the plight of the homeless in the Capitol.

13. I taught Bill Clinton how to milk a goat when he was governor of Arkansas. (yes, he did seem to be a rather natural talent ;-) )

14. I lived in Kathmandu at a time of regular curfews, street-closing demonstrations, and riots. I had to get permission from the US embassy to leave the Kathmandu Valley.

15. Since college, I've lived in 13 different apartments or houses in three countries (not counting the numerous floors I slept on while doing field research.) I've lived in 16 different cities (multiple apts. in some cities.)

16. I am slow, but when I figure out what I want, I am persistent. I applied to both college and grad school twice.

17. I was raised to believe in public service, and have been involved in one way or another since I was a kid. Early on, I sent my allowance to save the baby seals (really). It took me a while to figure out that self-expression is important too.

18. I've been a vegetarian since I was 18, when I got involved in hunger and homeless issues, and learned how many more people could be fed with a plant-based diet. Even before that, I didn't really like meat.

19. I can't decide whether I prefer the mountains or the beach. Luckily, here in the Bay, we have both.

20. I think I'm incredibly lucky to have work I love in my favorite city in the world, with a spectacular fiance/housemate.

21. I find solace and inspiration in natural places: Tennessee Valley Beach, Yosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows, random footpaths in the Himalayas.

22. I lived in a village at 13,000 feet in Nepal, and climbed a peak -by myself - that overlooks Everest Base Camp (<18,000). That was my best hiking day EVER.

23. I've learned half a dozen languages, but am competent only in English. My friends in Asia can't understand why I have such difficulty with their languages. I think my brothers got all the language genes.

24. Sushi + ice cream = perfect dinner.

25. I passed up a dream job, traveling through Central Asia because it would have delayed the completion of my PhD significantly. I still wonder about that path not taken...

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Globetrottingbride said...

That is so funny about Bill Clinton!!! And, yes sushi and ice cream is perfection!!!