Friday, February 27, 2009

Which dress for Dr. Cowgirl?

My dear friend and fashion consultant Dr. Cowgirl is getting married in August. Since my wedding is in October, we have had great fun shopping for dresses together. It's been an absolute blast trying on white dresses all over the Bay Area. But now my favorite fashion consultant is stuck. She's having a really tough time deciding between these two dresses.

And that's where you come in, Dear Cyberspace Reader (if indeed you are out there...). Give a girl a little help - the benefit of your stylish and informed opinion, 'cause I know you've looked at as many dresses as we have. Dr. Cowgirl is 5'3", beautifully slender yet curvy (what a dreamy combo!), and brunette. Her wedding will be outdoors, on a ranch in the Rocky Mountains. She's wearing her cowgirl boots under the dress. (See, she's soooo cool!) Other factors: she'd really like to spend less than $500 on a one-time wear dress.

Which dress do you like for her?

Option 1: Mori Lee, with beading and embroidery, $730 on sale
I have never seen this dress on her because it's not available nearby, but her sister and mother saw it on her down south and loved it.

Option 2: Lynn Lugo, silk satin, dreamy luscious fabric, $1100 new
I saw this one modeled today, and it looked smashing on her!

Do give a holla! We'd love to hear the wisdom of the crowd! Kisses!


un-bride said...

oh dear ... tough call.

elizabeth said...

Thanks for reading! Great to know that I'm not shouting into the void. It seems that Dr. Cowgirl has chosen the beaded dress, even without the benefit of the wisdom of the crowd.

CheapAndEasy said...

I would have chosen the beaded dress as well. It's beautiful.