Saturday, February 14, 2009


Mr. Barefoot just set up a wedding website for us. Awesome!

He did it on Blogger, which connected it to my blogging profile, so I had to confess that I have this secret wedding blog. Not really a problem, but I may have to be more circumspect in my bitchy bridezilla moments, now that I know that people I know may be reading.

And here thought all this fast and furious typing was on my dissertation. Now that I've been outed, he knows that not all of my writing is academic.


And in other news, yesterday was the most spectacular shopping day of my life! With BFF by my side, I found my dream dress at a trunk show for 15% off AND a glamorous pair of Jimmy Choos at HALF OFF! Apparently Sandra Bullock wore the same style on the red carpet. I love love love these shoes. SO much that I want to wear them before the wedding. But I don't want to risk ruining them...

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy your sweeties!

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