Friday, January 30, 2009

Wisdom from the east

A phone consultation with my stylish and sophisticated Spanish SIL opened my eyes to the elegance of European design. She directed me to this amazing site. It seems likely that the designs are far beyond my budget, but it's nice to dream....

One of the dresses appears to be in light linen, which got me thinking outside of the silk/satin/taffeta box. Linen could be really pretty, and a bit more wearable, at my beach wedding. I went wandering around the internet to see what's out there in linen. The Cotton Bride has lots of light weight organic dresses, that are a bit more casual and unstructured than I would like. So far, everything in linen seems to be for a tropical beach wedding which ours definitely won't be (though Oct. is the warmest month on the California coast.) Any ideas about where to find a structured linen dress?

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