Saturday, January 24, 2009

Everyone's getting STDs

Ewwwww......! Yeah, since middle school, I thought STDs were Sexually Transmitted Diseases. These days, STDs have been updated to STIs: Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Which is a good thing, because Save The Date (cards) have usurped the STD acronym.

I keep reading on bridal websites about STDs, and marveling at how openly people write about them - only to realize that they are talking about little letterpressed cards that let people know that a wedding is in the offing.

So Double Black Diamond and I had the STD conversation. No, not that one. We had that one ages ago. The one about whether or not to send out Save The Date cards, since we are trying to be environmentally sound, relatively inexpensive and sane about this wedding.

He said we could just send emails. I concurred. That is until Dr. Cowgirl proffered the great idea of using vintage California postcards as Save The Date cards. Perfect, since we are getting married on the coast of Northern California, just north of San Francisco.

And lucky for me, a vintage postcard dealer on eBay was liquidating his unsold inventory, selling lots of California postcards for 99 cents. I had to buy several lots to get enough, but all told, I spent $13.69 on postcards and shipping for about 60 postcards. Not bad when you consider that each family/ guest will get a unique vintage postcard as a memento of our wedding. (Some of them were so great that I couldn't resist ordering a few extras. I'm going to frame them and hang them in the entry way.)

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Color Me Green said...

i love vintage postcards, i think they are great for STDs. and lucky you got a great deal! thanks for adding me to your links!