Saturday, January 24, 2009

I AM a cliche

Even though I'm not a 'typical' bride - being a bit older, a bit broke-er, a bit eco-freakier, it turns out that in my wedding dress quest, I have been following one of the latest trends: trying to spend less on the dress in order to spend more on a great pair of splurgey shoes.

This seems so logical to me: the shoes can be worn again, especially if they are silver, or gold, or beige. For heels to be comfortable, they have to be wellmade, which usually translates into a splurgier price, which is so worth it when you'll be wearing them for a whole day.

Wouldn'tcha know - Jimmy Choo has a whole bridal collection!
I'm thinking these are pretty hot

So now I need to find a dress that won't break the bank to go with them!

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