Thursday, October 1, 2009

Karmic justice

If only I had been a prompt RSVP-er all these years, my life would be so much easier right now!

Instead, I'm on the payback end of karmic justice for being whimsical, undecided, and absent-minded. All those times I assumed, "Oh yeah, my friends know I'm coming, 'cause I told them," or "They know I can't make it because I'm out of town that week" are totally coming back to bite me in the butt.

Guess which part of the guest list RSVP'd promptly and has already sent gifts? Those would be the friends of the super-organized, highly-effective, on-task Mr. Barefoot.

And the few friends who "still don't know [their] travel plans"... clearly comrades of Little Miss Manana, inhabitant of a universe with Stretchable Time. Birds of a feather, and all that. I love the flexibility and spontaneity of my friends! But right now, when the final guest count is due to the caterer on Friday, I wish they were a little more Type A.


donna said...

i so know what you mean! some of my friends were tardy in rsvp-ing, which made me annoyed...until i remembered that i was previously that friend who had to be chased down for my response. oops. but lesson learned...i'm sure from here on out you'll be really prompt and considerate to rsvp on time, no? :)

LPC said...

Ah, the Universe of Stretchable Time.