Friday, August 21, 2009

My first (and only?) dress fitting

More than two months ago, the bridal salon phoned to say that my dress had come in. They encouraged me to make an appointment for a fitting right away. I procrastinated for a while, and then admitted that the reason I didn't want to try on the dress was that I was worried it wouldn't fit!

Because I was between sizes, the bridal consultant had encouraged me to go with the smaller size, which would require fewer alterations, assuming that I lost "five to eight pounds." With long, looooong desk-bound workdays for my huge deadline, I was stressed out, snacking unhealthily, and getting no exercise.... not conducive to losing weight.

There's nothing like a deadline to bring priorities into focus, and while I postponed the fitting to finish the dissertation, I tried to get my eating habits and exercise routine back on track, with all the great comments from here.

The result: the dress fits as though it was made for me! Perfectly! And looks amazing with my Jimmy Choos! Woo-hoo!!!


A.Mountain.Bride said...

Jimmy Choos!? lucky you Barefoot bride!

btw - I really appreciate the comment you left on my was touching and made me feel a bit braver about my journey :-) thank you for that.

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

wow go you...if i had to finish a dissertation before a dress fitting i'd be 5 lb too heavy cuz oh how i loved to snack during my academic work days.

bridechic said...

You're soooo lucky.

One Barefoot Bride said...

@ Julia: it was a constant battle between the snacking and the elliptical machine!

@ A.Mountain.Bride: even better, the Jimmy Choos were half price! I swear I saw a golden beam of light & heard angels sing when I found them.

Allvira said...

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