Monday, August 3, 2009

Rockin' the Rockies

Remember Dr. Cowgirl?

In one of my very early posts, I asked for thoughts on her dress - she couldn't decide between a super simple one and a beaded one. (She got the beaded one and looks SMASHING! I wish I could show you... she modeled it at her bachelorette party, looking ridiculously gorgeous. I don't wanna blow her grand entrance.)

Here's another silly thing we made her do... she's kissing a banana slug. (More about banana slugs here - do you know what happens if you lick one?)

Now she's getting married, in just six days! She's been my wedding planning buddy all along -- we've been through decisions about invitations, table decor, dresses, vases, flowers, makeup, all of it. All while trying to keep social and environmental impacts in mind. It's been great to have a friend walking this path at the same time - I can't wait to hear what it's like on the other side!

Can't wait to party in the Rockies! My friend do pick the coolest wedding spots!


LPC said...

Banana slugs! The official mascot of University of Santa Cruz. I don't know what happens if you lick them but I do know what happens if you put salt on them. Ick. Foam. Shudder. That is an hysterical picture.

elizabeth said...

Yep - we were down in the SC mountains for that hike, just after rain. Banana slugs EVERYWHERE.

Cori_Jessy - August and Everything After said...

YES! Your tongue goes numb.