Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shout out to Mrs. and Mr. Un-bride!

If I read the signs right, this is the Un-bride's wedding weekend, so I'm taking a moment to wish her and Mr. UB all the best for a glorious, joyful, perfectly-imperfect celebration at the Palace of Fine Arts! It's a gorgeously sunny, clear weekend in Berkeley, so I imagine they are enjoying spectacular weather across the Bay.

The Un-bride's wedding blog was one of the first ones I read, and I was delighted to find that I wasn't the only one who hadn't been dreaming of my wedding since I was eight, and didn't have a huge bankroll for a blowout party. I felt like I'd found a kindred spirit when I read that the Un-bride had "never cared about (or for) weddings" and was "also broke," and yet was still having fun planning her wedding. She's shared a ton of awesome DIY projects, beautiful boots, and the inevitable ups and downs of wedding planning, all with an impeccable sense of humor (see waiters dressed as octopi).

I wish you two many, many wondrous years ahead! Thanks for letting us share the journey!

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