Friday, February 26, 2010

Recap #2: Walking to the Beach

The walk to the beach had to be my favorite part of the day. It was like having a bit of the reception BEFORE the ceremony, which allowed the jitters to subside. As I said to my mom before the Big Day, I knew if I had only a 50 foot aisle to walk down, I'd be freaking out by the time I reached the officiant. But with 3/4 mile hike, I had plenty of time to get grounded, take deep breaths, trade quips about married life with my Women of Honor, hang out with my family, and tease the Flower Children. What a better way to spend the wedding day than going for hike with all my favorite people!

We set out from the reception site, down a step flight of wooden steps. Thank goodness I was wearing my sparkly gold wedding flip-flops. No way I could've negotiated that in heels!

Across a parking lot...

Along a trail toward the beach...

Eventually rounding a corner toward the beach.

By the time we reached the beach, where our guests had gathered, I felt calm and ready.

Photos 1,5,7,8 Kate Harrison; Photos 2,3,4 Rob; Photo 6 Srabani


A.Mountain.Bride said...

i LOVE that there was a lil hike involved. i'm sure it helped connect people to the they weren't just observers of your ceremony...but they were involved in your journey.

love it.

LPC said...

Wasn't that light amazing?