Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is it Post-Wedding Letdown?

Check all that apply.

__ 1. I continue to agonize over choosing images for our wedding album, sorting and re-sorting the photos. I'm wondering whether we should spend another $xxxx so we can get ALL the photos in the album.

__ 2. I haven't cleaned my dress yet. In fact, I haven't even put it away. It's right where I left it: hanging from a door/ draped over a couch/ right in the front of my closet - who know when I might have an occasion to wear it?

__ 3. That dress - the one that I wasn't really attached to, and was planning to donate or sell after the wedding - that one? I think I'll keep it.

__ 4. I'm considering getting a huge framed canvas of us. Like 8'x10'. Feet. To hang over the bed.

__ 5. Work seems boring and blah. Even my favorite projects are hard to get excited about.

__ 6. I read wedding blogs obsessively. Even when I should be working.

__ 7. My work may have suffered because of my addiction to wedding blogs.

__ 8. I still stalk my photographer's website for cool images.

__ 9. I have a hard time getting up in the morning - I'm bleary from reading wedding blogs.

__ 10. I get super-involved when even the most tangential friend mentions that she's planning a wedding. I send my list of favorite and could-have-been vendors, and a constant stream of ideas.

__ 11. I'm starting to see why people have babies right away. Decorating a nursery: now there's a project I could get into!

__ 12. In fact, I'm actively working on it. The sooner, the better.

__ 13. I don't hang outwith my single friends so much anymore. Their lives all seem over-dramatic and unfocused. I'm not so interested in the date-of-the-week.

__ 14. I hang out with my single friends all the time: I love their stories about the thrill of the chase.

__ 15. I've taken on a new huge project: remodeling the house, starting a new job, launching a business, training for a marathon. Honestly, I don't know what to do with all my new-found free time. I'm considering training for a triathalon, joining a volunteer board, and studying for (another) degree.

Agreeing with 5 or more statements suggests Severe Post-Wedding Letdown. Quietly back away from the wedding blogs, give away your wedding mags, get your dress cleaned and stored, pronto!, and find a new hobby for your free time.

Agreeing with 2-4 statements suggests a Mild case of Post-Wedding Letdown. Turn all that creativity and energy toward family, friends and work. Surely, there's another project that could benefit from your skill and energy - perhaps a first anniversary blowout?

Agreeing with 1 or fewer statements shows that you've moved on... but what are you doing on this blog?!???!


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

U r too funny and i went through the same thing! the nursery idea sounds fun!

good luck and don't forget to include pics of your favorites!!!

(you realize there may be more "mommy" blogs than "wedding" ones!!!)

JD_Chic said...

I definitely suffered from Severe Post-Wedding Letdown for at least a year after my wedding. Sheesh! And then came the pregnancy/mommy blogs. I'm just a blog addict! BTW, speaking of blogs, thanks so much for the mention! :-)

BridalHood said...

Wow...this post is so true. I haven't even had my wedding yet and I see it coming. Many of those statements are already true for me. Scary!