Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding Guest Hat-astrophe

The latest wedding invitation calls for "Kentucky Derby hats" in honor of the bride's home state.  Hmmm.... I haven't been to Kentucky since I was a kid, and have no idea what's stylish at a horse race.

A quick Google search reveals that
1) Kentucky Derby hats are the size of UFOs
2) They are best worn with sundresses or linen suits,
3)  It's hard not to look matronly in a huge hat unless you're British, and
4) All the best Hats are made in the UK.  When we threw off the yoke of monarchy, we also lots a fair bit of our style.

I quickly concluded that I would not be purchasing a full-on Kentucky Derby hat that would get worn once and gather dust in the closet.  Maybe a fascinator is the way to go, but the ivory one I wore nearly a year ago screams wedding.

I turned to my best friend Etsy, which did not disappoint......  For brides who embrace color, some of these could be fun.
 Amazing!  And British.  Like I said....
 Oooo, even more fun!  I love the wild festiveness of this one!  But, with a week before the wedding, I don't think it will get to California from the UK in time.  Maybe for the next party....

The closest thing I found stateside was this lovely from Pegasusmaiden.
Flowers could be nice...
This would be lovely for an ethereal forest nymph style wedding.
Finally, I remembered that Satanica was all over the Interwebs when I was looking for wedding finery.  And not everything they make is white.


In a similar vein, for only $13, I like this headband from WeeGardens.
More peacock feathers at LovMely.
The Disco Flower is always fun, too.

Handle & Spout
What about you?  Are you wearing fabulous headwear?  What's your favorite source?  Have you done the hat/ fascinator look for a night out?


Ms. Bunny said...

Oh yes, the Brits do the hatwear best. I'm sad that it is not more common stateside.

I am in the market for a lovely fascinator as it were for a wedding, so you're post is great timing for me. If I get on this now, maybe I'll have time to order from one of those great UK shops you listed!

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Well, I'd plug my own etsy shop, but it's mostly wedding stuff and it has all been on the back burner for awhile....BUT, thye have great derby style hats at Steinmart, maybe not this time of year though, but I LOVE the giant fascinator idea!!!

Beth said...

Your post reminded me of a gal I used to work with who went to the kentucky derby every year and what hat she was going to wear was always a big deal. She was from the UK and always ended up wearing the coolest hats!