Friday, December 4, 2009

Persimmon perfection

What an adorable and tasty way to do escort cards/ favors all in one! The persimmons could be delicious snacks, mid-party, when energy is waning.

Now there's a whole new category in my mind: if we did it again, but slightly differently. This idea is definitely filed there.

Which is not to say that I would have done anything differently. Although people say that things will go wrong -- and it's certainly a good idea to be prepared for that eventuality -- I can honestly say that virtually nothing* went wrong.

Our persimmons were artfully scattered, along with pomegranates, as table decor. Local, seasonal, and easy to procure, they picked up the deeps reds and oranges of the flowers and gentlemen's ties.

Guests took home these healthy snacks. A month later, they are just eating last ones. The sturdiness of autumn foods like pumpkins, squashes and pomegranates makes me think of fortitude, forbearance, and persistence.

*To my knowledge, three rather minor things went wrong.** There might have been others, but I was blissfully unaware, having handed off the reins to our Day of Coordinator. I didn't even know about two of the glitches until the end of the evening, when Eric told me as we were driving away. I am so grateful that he shielded me from fretting about these details during the evening. The other incident -- the result of misunderstanding combined with a bit of deafness -- I dealt with in two minutes and then things were fine.

** Maybe there was a fourth: Guests weren't able to hear the splendid acoustic stylings of our friends during cocktail hour because of the poor acoustics of the reception space. Oh well.

Thanks to wedding guests Rob and Madeleine for the photos!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the fall feel, and the way you describe autumn foods.

I totally know the "if we did it again" feeling -- it's kind of fun to think about an imaginary alternate wedding once you're done with the real one.

I hope I didn't freak you (or anyone else!) out with all that talk about things going wrong! Re-reading that post, I did sound a little dire. I think the take-home message is more that it will be OK if not everything goes according to plan, because most of us experience snafus somewhere.

elizabeth said...

Not at all, Petite Chablis! I thought your post was absolutely on point: things will go wrong, but they WON'T ruin the wedding. It was good to hear that beforehand, so that I could steal myself for whatever might go wrong.

In fact, when I saw the fog at the beach before the ceremony, it was your words that helped ground me.

Then I was incredibly delighted with how smoothly everything else went. As a number of friend have pointed out, if only three small things went wrong, the day went ridiculously smoothly (and my life never goes that smoothly!)

elizabeth said...

... maybe that should be 'steel' myself.

Ms. Bunny said...

What does a persimmon taste like? Can you eat it like an apple?

And I totally love the idea of refueling with fruit halfway through the reception. The mister wanted pizza. Hells bells...let's give them fruit!

One Barefoot Bride said...

oh, Ms. Bunny, if you haven't yet had a persimmon, you must find a market with a wide selection of fruit and get one! They're a bit cinnamon-y, and come in both hard, crunchy, eat-it-like-an-apple, and soft, delicious, gooeyness versions. (We had the hard kind - something like a cinnamon-flavored pear with a bit of mango.)